WorkPlace Big Five Profile

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is a personality inventory based on the Five-Factor Model of personality, widely recognized by psychological researchers as the most empirically verifiable, scientifically accurate, and universally applicable model of human personality.

 “Easily completed in 15 minutes or less, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ reveals an individual’s five personality super traits and 23 sub traits that simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in day-to-day encounters with coworkers, employees, managers, and colleagues. Using straightforward, digestible graphs and neutral, work-centric language, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ provides the highest level of insight to participants and organizations.”

(From the website of Paradigm Personality Labs)

 As a certified Big Five consultant, I can help you …

  • Gain insight into your God-given personality
  • Understand your feelings and behaviors—what makes you tick
  • Find guidance for personal and professional development
  • Work more effectively with others!


Ways I use the WorkPlace Big Five include …

  • Staff Teambuilding
  • Staff Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Personal Coaching


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