Staff Team Building and Development

If people are your greatest resource, then staff development is one of the best investments your church can make.

Using the WorkPlace Big Five Profile, I can work with your pastor, your staff team, or with individual staff members to help them bring out their best. I can provide guidance for performance improvement and personal development. As your staff gain insight into their God-given personalities, they will grow in their ability to work together as an effective, difference-making team.

A staff team building retreat can motivate your staff and help them work together more effectively. It can help them maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. If need be, a staff team building retreat can also be used to resolve conflict, to improve communication, or to work together to solve a problem.

Comments from past participants:

“Claude was awesome, and our team building retreat was excellent in every way. It met and exceeded my expectations. Our staff really enjoyed it and we will be better together due to having spent the day with Claude and using the Work Place Big Five profile.”

“I appreciated how interactive the event was. The interaction kept things moving and kept us all engaged.”

“Claude was excellent at getting everyone to be relaxed and encouraging of each other.”

“Loved the format. Loved every activity.”

“Claude was an excellent facilitator. Enjoyable and yet very much on task.”

“Honestly, this was the best team building retreat I’ve ever experienced.”