Congregational Visioning

Vision is a picture of the future that inspires action in the present. A God-inspired vision can unite a congregation and motivate church members like nothing else.

The story is told of three construction workers, laboring diligently, all performing the same task. A passerby asked one of them, “What are you doing?” The worker stopped just long enough to scowl at the questioner and answer with a snarl, “I’m laying bricks, you idiot. What does it look like I’m doing?”

The second worker was asked the same question. “What are you doing?” Without stopping or even looking up, this worker said in a flat voice, “I’m making $7.50 an hour, that’s what I’m doing.”

But when the third worker was asked, “What are you doing?” this person stopped laying bricks, stood up straight, smiled at the questioner, and answered, “I’m building a cathedral—a house of worship—a beautiful sanctuary where people will come from miles around to connect with God and each other.”

Which of these workers was most fulfilled? The one who had a vision. A compelling vision helps you get beyond your selfish desires and petty grievances and be captivated by the Mission of God.

Churches that have a clear sense of identity, mission, and vision are more vital, more alive, and less prone to conflict. They are more likely to grow spiritually and numerically, and more likely to make a difference in the world.

Let me help your congregation discover its unique, God-given vision. My churchwide visioning process will involve the entire congregation in prayerfully discerning what God is leading you to do. We’ll use Scripture study, prayer, demographics, community interviews, and a series of inspiring congregational meetings to help your church identify its values, claim its strengths, clarify its mission, and passionately follow the call of God.

A vision inspires you. A vision brings out your best. Let me help you discover yours.