Why Hire a Consultant?

“Why should we pay an outsider to come in and tell us what to do?”

Good question. And the answer is, “You shouldn’t.”

Church consulting is not about telling you what to do. It’s about leading a process that helps you discern what to do under God’s direction.

As a consultant, I’m not smarter than you. I’m not more spiritual than you. But I do have something important to offer you. Fresh eyes. Fresh perspective. And the ability to facilitate a group process that God can use to take your church to the next place.

  • Is your church in *conflict As a neutral party, I can listen objectively and help you find solutions.
  • Is your church in need of revitalization, a new *vision, or strategic planning? As a trained facilitator I can help your congregation listen to God and to each other.
  • Would you like your church staff to function at their highest level? As a certified *Workplace Big Five consultant and a 30-year veteran of multi-staff ministry, I can lead *teambuilding and development events that will help your staff work together effectively.

And there might be other ways I can help. Not by telling you what to do—but by coming alongside you, journeying with you, and bringing out your best.