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Bringing out YOUR BEST!


Individual Coaching

Bringing out the best in pastors, staff, and volunteers.

Church Consulting

Bringing out the best in congregations.

WorkPlace Big Five

Bring out your best with this powerful personality profile.

A Coach Gets You Where You Want to Go!

Leadership is hard; church leadership is harder; and church leadership in today’s rapidly changing world is the hardest it’s ever been.

Preaching is not the only thing—but studies show that good preaching is still one of the main things people are looking for in a church.

Are you at a crossroads?
The path to personal change is exciting and challenging; filled with adventure, and fraught with difficulty. Let me journey with you.  As your coach I can help you …

Vision is a picture of the future that inspires action in the present. A God-inspired vision can unite a congregation and motivate church members like nothing else.

In a recent survey, around 75% of churches in America reported that they are in conflict. 25% of those reported that the conflict was serious enough to inflict serious damage upon the church.

If people are your greatest resource, then staff development is one of the best investments your church can make.

What Clients are saying...

Rev. Mark Key

Mount Tabor United Methodist Church

Claude led a staff team building retreat for our church using the Workplace Big Five, and it was one of the best things our staff has ever done together. We are more united, energized and committed to working together as a result of the experience with Claude.

Rev. Nathan Snider

Fair Grove United Methodist Church

In our coaching calls, Claude listened to my concerns and helped me stay focused on my goals. He was able to help me address issues and changes that needed to be made in our leadership teams. I was thankful for his listening and guiding gifts.